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Roof Trusses provide a structural frame for roof support. They deliver a flexible, practical, simple-to-erect engineered solution to roofing requirements. As they can use up to 40% less timber than a traditionally formed roof, they're not only more suitable, but can be more affordable.

Why Trussed Rafters

Trussed Rafters are now used for the overwhelming majority of domestic roofs constructed in the UK, and have exceptional performance recorded since their introduction to the building and construction industry.

  • A Flexible, practical and fully engineered solution to a wide range of roof structures.
  • Can use up to 40% less timber than a traditionally formed roof.
  • Reduced labour costs on site due to the amount of pre-fabrications, releasing site joiners for more complex areas.
  • Quick erection of the roof structure enabling other trades to commence quickly.
  • Made from timber – the only truly renewable building resource.